Open Source Code Editors

Today I will be comparing two difference open source code editors. The two I have chosen are Atom and Visual Studio Code. Both editors are build upon Electron with the first difference being that Atom was written by GitHub and VSC being written by Microsoft.

During this comparison I will be demonstrating a bunch of different tasks, these are shown below.

  1. Opening the project folder
Atom Visual Studio Code


  1. Keybindings
Atom Visual Studio Code
  1. Autocomplete
Atom Visual Studio Code


Because I feel that Visual Studio Code has compared far better than atom, I will now demonstrate adding an extension.


Colour Picker


Overall I am leaning towards Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code. The reason for this being the level of activity of the project as seen on GitHub, as well as the plain fact that it contains a lot of features “out of the box” that require addition extensions in Atom. Also, the built in console is pretty sweet too.

Hello OSD600!

Starting later in a semester can always prove to be challenging but determination and a desire to learn can overcome this challenge.

For our first lab in OSD600 we have been asked to make a blog post on an open source project. For this I have chosen Electron which can be found on GitHub at github://electron. Electron is a cross platform application development framework that uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

You can find my blog post about it here.