Electron is a cross platform application development framework that uses JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  Harnessing the power of Node.js and Chromium, Electron aims to provide a consistent run time environment for your application regardless of platform.

Electron sets out to solve the problem of interoperability issues between platforms such as Linux, Mac, and Windows. Each platform has their own unique methods for system interaction. Electron, with the power of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, allows developers to forget about what system they are designing their application for and just worry about functionality.

[Timeline] Electron was started on January 2013 as Atom Shell, open-sourced in May 2014, and renamed to Electron on April 23, 2015. To the day of this post there are a total of 16,710 commits, 279 releases, and 663 contributors.

For anyone who is interested in starting with Electron, check out the GitHub page, browse the source code, and check out the great documentation!

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